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Gel Wash - Shampoo | Grande

Gel Wash - Shampoo | Grande

Exfoliar - Poof
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Purifying Hair And Scalp Shampoo

Poof Gel Wash helps in cleansing and refreshing the scalp with ingredients like Shikakai Extracts and Yucca Extracts, that are rich in saponin which helps in cleaning dirt, grime and oil from the scalp. It further protects the hair from UV damage and boosts circulation, in turn accelerating hair growth.

Weight: 1000ml

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Santury - Hair Mask | Grande

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Sirop | Salve

Each IOOg contains extracts of Hydrosol 79.1g, Vitis Vinifera 20mg, Eucalyptus globulus Leaf Img, Mentha viridis Leaflmg,Zingiber officinale Rhizome Img, Emblica officinalis Dried Fruit Img,Trigonella foenum-graecum Seed Img, Mangifera indica Seed Img, Punicagranatum Seed Img, Curcuma longa Rhizome Img

Apply generously to damp hair. Distribute evenly while detangling with fingers or with a wide tooth comb. Add a bit of water to emulsify. Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Reduce hair loss with Witch Hazel Extract

  • Shikakai  Extract helps to improve hair health

  • Yucca Extract calms an irritated scalp


    The outermost layer of the scalp, known as the Epidermis, is home to a yeast called Malassezia, which feeds on the sebum produced by sebaceous glands. This yeast breaks down sebum into saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, with the former being consumed by the yeast and the latter reabsorbed into the scalp. This process results in the breakdown of the skin barrier and loss of moisture. While our skin typically renews itself every 2-3 weeks, this abnormal breakdown accelerates the renewal process, causing the accumulation of cells. This buildup manifests visibly as dandruff, exacerbating the scalp's condition and leading to itchiness and inflammation.

    Poof plays a key role in addressing excessively dry scalp conditions by preventing the loss of moisture. It actively contributes to maintaining a well-balanced and healthy scalp, rejuvenating lackluster and fragile hair strands. Additionally, it provides relief to an irritated scalp and purifies hair follicles, promoting robust and healthy hair growth. Specifically crafted to tackle concerns that may lead to dandruff and itchiness, Poof incorporates ingredients that regulate sebum secretion, ensuring optimal hydration, and soothing the scalp.
  • Nature's exfoliating balance

  • Un.earthing deep-cleansing routes

  • Purifying essence for gentle hair revival

Infuse your routine with moisture and scalp health with the

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