Treasure Trove Of Nature

From the rainforests of Latin America, where nature is the core of culture and diversity carrying the mantle of unity. And in turn,comes a hair care range that celebrates the very thing that 'makes' a human. Creating newfound intricacies in art, culture, literature and music truly made Gypsies the ones that were beyond borders.Human beings inspire Gypsy Syrup, carrying secrets from all around the globe through their gypsy routes.

  • The Gypsy Heritage

    Our journey begins with the mysterious allure of Latin American Gypsy culture, one that revered life as a gift. Passing wisdom through generations and celebrating everyday as an adventure, the Gypsies have infused their deep-rooted belief into the world around them. It's this passion for life and the secrets they’ve held that inspire ’Cabellos de la Vida‘, meaning ’The Hair of Life’.
  • The Art Of Curation

    Handpicking ingredients based on their purity and efficacy; every Gypsy Syrup product is a tribute to a culture that cherishes what is truly valuable. By blending age-old wisdom with modern innovations, a new range of products has emerged that will make your hair beautiful and most importantly, lively.
  • Nature's Bounty

    The Gypsies know that Earth is a treasure chest of beauty. And in turn, Gypsy Syrup believes in harnessing nature to create haircare products that honour this wisdom. From the lush rainforests to the vast deserts, we source purity and potency in every ingredient. With the magic of nature, each Gypsy route to haircare is nature's very own secret, waiting to be unveiled.
  • Celebrate Life in Every Strand

    Embark on this journey that celebrates life in every hue and every tress. Our products are for hair; more crucially, the soul. With every strand you caress, you'll feel the energy of the Gypsy spirit, the rhythm of life and the love for nature coursing through.

    Derived from Latin American flora that harbours secrets unknown to the modern world. These untouched secrets are now Gypsy Syrup's novel approach to hair care.

  • UN • TAMED

    Capturing a carefree lifestyle, it embodies the light preserving the hues and essence of each strand, letting you stay free and untamed.


    Exfoliating is a profound milestone in your scalp cleansing journey, revealing the nutrients that rejuvenate the hair. Rooted in nature, this exfoliating range is now unveiled.


    Acting as an unbeknown guardian, this hair serum range reveals its effects in a lustrous glow. For a finishing look and hair hydration, Gypsy secrets come to light.

Gypsy Routes