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Veil - Hair Mask | Grande

Veil - Hair Mask | Grande

Exfoliar - Philtre
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Repairing Mask For Hair And Scalp

Philtre hair mask is enriched with ingredients that prevents hair damage by various natural and external factors. It helps in repairing hair health by improving elasticity and strength of hair strands.

Weight: 600g

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Surrepo | Benevo

Each IOOg contains extracts of Hydrosol 79.1g, Vitis Vinifera 20mg, Eucalyptus globulus Leaf Img, Mentha viridis Leaflmg,Zingiber officinale Rhizome Img, Emblica officinalis Dried Fruit Img,Trigonella foenum-graecum Seed Img, Mangifera indica Seed Img, Punicagranatum Seed Img, Curcuma longa Rhizome Img

Apply generously to damp hair. Distribute evenly while detangling with fingers or with a wide tooth comb. Add a bit of water to emulsify. Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Yacon Root provides anti-bacterial properties

  • Copaiba prevents scalp infection

  • Baobab Extract works on strand strength


    The hair follicle, located beneath the skin, encases the root of the hair. At its base, there's a section known as the Dermal Papilla, connected to the bloodstream, responsible for supplying nourishment crucial for hair growth. As cells multiply, they ascend, gradually solidifying and arranging themselves in concentric layers. The innermost layers form the hair, comprising the Cuticle, the Cortex, and, in thinner hair, the Medulla. The Cortex, a pivotal component, contains bundled fibres housing small, coiled springs that contribute to the hair's elasticity. These fibres are susceptible to damage from activities like blow-drying, colouring, and straightening, rendering the hair brittle and lackluster. Additionally, an imbalanced pH value on the scalp can lead to Cuticle damage and fibre breakage.

    Philtre serves to purify and rejuvenate both your scalp and hair. Its ingredients work to clear hair follicles, fostering an environment that encourages hair growth. Additionally, it nourishes and harmonizes the natural pH balance of the scalp while imparting volume to the hair. Crafted to regulate scalp oil production for prolonged cleanliness, Philtre not only revitalizes the scalp but also sustains hair growth by preserving the natural pH balance. Moreover, it enhances blood and oxygen circulation, thereby invigorating hair follicles and fostering the development of vibrant, healthy hair.
  • Nature's exfoliating balance

  • Un.earthing deep-cleansing routes

  • Purifying essence for gentle hair revival

Give your hair and scalp a gentle refresh with

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